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So why did Green target Barron more than Towns?

An intriguing excerpt from Maurice Gumbs's blog on Room 8, regarding the 10th District Congressional race:
One of the peculiar things was a sudden spurt of activity from Roger Green during the last few days of the election. Roger, who certainly knew that he was not in the running, had people putting up his posters in the areas where Barron was strongest. The act seemed determined to take away votes from Charles. Charles still would not have won, but he might have narrowed his loss to much less. Roger had no money to spend. So it would be interesting to find out who paid Roger to take away votes from Charles Barron.

Besides Forest City Ratner, who else might have had an interest in having that? I wrote on Monday that it was certainly in the developer's interest for Green to take votes from Barron, given the latter's opposition to the Atlantic Yards plan. Perhaps campaign disclosure forms--Green had raised less than $46,000 as of Aug. 23--will tell us. Federal campaign finance reports are due by Oct. 15.

Among Green's contributions were some from people connected to the Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement:
--$500 from Hallene Condon of the Darman Group, which has conducted forums for minority and women business owners
--$680 from Keith Lewis of Youth America, which is part of the Downtown Brooklyn Educational Consortium
--$1500 from Richard Hill of Quantum Partners, a Virginia firm that is apparently the minority-owned business hired by Forest City Ratner to provide financial services.