Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Chuck Schumer's dilemma and Marty Markowitz's return to candor: footnoting the Observer's article on the Knicks-Nets rivalry

A couple of observations on the New York Observer's long article about the owners of the area's two hoops teams, headlined B-Brawl! Prokhorov, the Nets’ Rakish Russian, Aims A.K. at Garden Party as Dolan’s Knicks Brace for Red Scare:

1) They weren't able to interview either owner, Jim Dolan or Mikhail Prokhorov, so all the talk of rivalry is secondhand. But the Knicks are, yes, on the defensive--somewhat.

2) Somehow they didn't quote my observation about the meaning of the EB-5 investment.

3) I would wager I know who said this:
(A person familiar with the plans said Mr. Prokhorov is assembling an in-house retreat for himself 10 times the size of a standard luxury box "for he and his Russian friends.")
That's Brett Yormarkian tactics, and grammar.

4) Sen. Chuck Schumer, who's a Brooklynite, admits to dilemmas, since "I've been a Knicks fan all along." What? Schumer's been a huge supporter of Atlantic Yards. If the prospect of 10,000 phantom jobs no longer "enervates" him, what exactly does he support?

5) They quoted two Atlantic Yards opponents, Eric McClure and Daniel Goldstein, without finding any hardcore supporters outside of official channels, though they surely exist. (By the way, Goldstein was described as emailing "from India;" he's visiting the country of his wife's family, not relocating.)

6) They checked in with the cheerleader:
"For the hard-core anti-Yards people, I don't see them coming around that fast," conceded Borough President Marty Markowitz, a longtime supporter of relocating the team. "But I see their kids coming around. And that will motivate them."
What? Didn't Markowitz tell potential immigrant investors (in echoes of Crazy Eddie, as per the Daily News) that "Brooklyn is 1000 percent behind Atlantic Yards"?

7) Will new Nets star Deron Williams stay with the team and sign an extension? Unclear.

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