Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missing from the Crain's article about ACORN's successor in New York: Ratner bailout, housing doubts

In a Crain's New York Business article headlined Left for dead, local Acorn remnant revives activism, here's the one reference to the connection between New York Communities for Change and Atlantic Yards:
The post-Acorn group also remains a player at Atlantic Yards, working with the city and developer Forest City Ratner to ensure that 2,250 units of subsidized housing get built near the new Nets arena.
  • the ability of Forest City Ratner to claim Affordable Housing Subsidy Unavailability, thus delaying the pledge regarding housing
  • the fact that a good chunk of the housing would be at or above market
  • the fact that Forest City Ratner bailed out national ACORN with a $1.5 million loan/grant in late 2008.

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