Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Rocawear Pop Shop: from blight to bling and back

Yesterday I checked out the mobile Rocawear shop that finally arrived Friday (I'd thought Thursday) at the northeast corner of Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue.

Up close it's a nifty retail concept, and other news coverage (e.g., The Brooklyn Paper) has given us a close-up exterior shot, plus an interior view.

Go inside (photos) and it's an immersive environment, a lounge on wheels: no windows, flattering lighting, couches, and hip-hop videos providing the proper ambience to sell $28 t-shirts and $48 polo shirts (among other things) anointed by rap superstar Jay-Z.

 (There is a 25% discount, and I saw some eager browsers, though I didn't stick around to watch any sales get racked up.)

The blight emerges

Exit to a barren stretch of Flatbush Avenue, however, and the blight is palpable.

It would take a lot of temporary installments--shops, flea market, playground--to bring life to the empty lots created by demolitions in the Atlantic Yards footprint.

(Photos from a set by NoLandGrab's Steve Soblick)

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  1. Hova knows that people in the 'hood are hurting, which is why he's helping to bring them Jobs, Housing and Hoops, and marking down his t-shirts and polos to just $21 and $36, respectively.

    Thanks, Hova.