Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Ratner contributions just keep coming

Bruce Ratner's sister-in-law Karen Ranucci, a Greenwich Village resident, gave $2500 on 9/11/06 to the campaign of Karim Camara, the 43rd Assembly District incumbent from Crown Heights.

Camara, an Atlantic Yards supporter, beat Jesse Hamilton by a 65%-35% margin. Camara has been close to former Democratic Party chair Clarence Norman and his father.

[This corrects an earlier version of this post, which said Camara was unopposed.]


  1. "Camara, an Atlantic Yards supporter, faced no primary challenge."

    That would be news to this guy:

    Great detective work, Norm. Get that man a press pass!

  2. Unlike some people, I fix my errors.

  3. Errol wishes that he could actually do reporting. Faced with real reporting and investigation, his only recourse is to slam those that do real work. Errol is a "don't bother me with the facts" reporter.