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The escalator at the arena plaza is (finally) under repair. Why can't we easily learn more?

Aug. 5, 2022
The escalators at the arena plaza have been out since at least July 22, as I wrote, but I couldn't get any explanation from the arena operator as to how long or why.

Was it associated with plaza repair work? That seems unlikely. Rather, it's just another example of faulty equipment and/or maintenance.

On Friday, Aug. 5, when I walked by, the escalators were under repair. In fact, the down escalator was running, albeit without any access, apparently as part of a test run.

The up escalator was getting worked on.

So maybe they'll both be running soon, (Or who knows, maybe they fixed the problems by the end of the day.)

But this shouldn't be the realm of speculation.

A responsible operator--the arena company operates the escalator, as it controls the plaza--should make it easier to find out when the escalators (and elevator) are out of operation, when work is scheduled, and when the problem is expected to be fixed--and fixed.

It shouldn't be that complicated.