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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Remember how ESD predicted that middle school would open in fall of 2018? It looks like 2021 at best.

Joining Bruce Ratner's unreliable prediction of 2018 project completion should be the prediction, just two years ago, that the promised middle school--dubbed M.S. OneBrooklyn by advocates--would open this year.

Consider the 7/18/16 letter (below) from Howard Zemsky, President and CEO of Empire State Development, the state authority overseeing/shepherding Atlantic Yards, as first published 8/16/18.

Responding to concerns raised by Assemblymember Walter Mosley and fellow legislators, Zemsky wrote, "A district wide middle school is also expected to open in the Fall of 2018."

As of then, that was doubtful. I'd written a month earlier that the plan for 664 Pacific, a 27-story market-rate rental building with a school at its base, was delayed, and project documents suggested it would be a four-year buildout.

As I reported, a court file revealed that a representative of developer Greenland Forest City Partners said excavation and construction at the site would take four years, including 12 months for excavation and 36 months for construction. But maybe that was excessively cautious.

More recently, an ESD document stated that the school must be completed within two years, not three, after construction starts, presumably after excavation. But nothing has started on that site, apparently because of a continued dispute with a neighbor regarding access to shore up construction. So that makes 2021 the best-case scenario for the school, with that time window narrowing.

Meanwhile, four buildings in the project are open, and presumably demand for school seats has increased.