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Besides 550 Vanderbilt, what's coming on towers' ground floors? At 38 Sixth, health center signage emerges

One thing attendees heard about at the Quality of Life meeting 5/9/18 (here's coverage of timetable, unintended consequences) was the previously announced leases at 550 Vanderbilt, the condo tower at Dean Street and Vanderbilt Avenue: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, Beer Street, and Eladia's Kids.

We didn't hear any update on plans for the still-unfilled retail space at the project's three other towers: 535 Carlton, which opened at about the same time as 550 Vanderbilt; 461 Dean, which opened earlier; or 38 Sixth, which opened later. (Mekelburg's has explored a lease at 535 Carlton.)

Signs of health center

That said, the branding is emerging at 38 Sixth for the NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital health care facility. The entrance, as seen in the photo below, is on Sixth Avenue north of the main entrance for residents, and very close to a back door to the Barclay Center.

The facility will occupy parts of several floors, as shown in the schematic further below. No announcement regarding the opening date has been made yet.

As noted last July, the building has long been slated for a health care center promised in the overall project, with a 23,000 sf facility on four floors, including 2,739 at ground floor. It's unclear whether and how much it will be geared to affordability.

According to the June 2005 Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement (CBA, p. 26, and excerpted at bottom), the project developer and the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (DBNA) "will work with an appropriate health care provider that will operate a community health care center" within the project, with "rent and terms to be agreed on."

The developer may provide, at its expense, the initial tenant buildout, which may be recovered by lease terms. The developer is not obligated to provide ongoing funding. So perhaps elected officials and/or public entities may be asked for help.

In the slide below, the image at left show the perspective from the southeast corner, Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, with the health facility entrance at the north and of the building. The image at right flips the perspective, looking at the building from the northwest corner, which is actually flush to the arena, and shows the health care entrance at far left on the ground floor, and the rest of the facility on floors above.