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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

The revisionism continues: Forest City executive claims "we’ve cracked the code in that [modular] space"

From the Real Deal yesterday, To the future! Experts talk tech, and how to lure companies to NYC
At Pacific Park, Forest City put modular construction to the test, an experiment that came with a few construction mishaps and litigation with the project’s contractor, Skanska. Forest City eventually sold the modular company it launched for the project.
“When you are the first to try something big, there are roadblocks,” [executive Kate] Bickell said. “In terms of the technology, in terms of solving high-rise modular construction… I think we’ve cracked the code in that space.”
"Cracked the code," of course, was Bruce Ratner's phrase. So far it's meant significant losses, and a building that had such problems that units were gutted. Here's what I wrote in February 2017 about the revisionism, including the continued claim of savings.

From the article:
She added that as a public real estate investment trust, Forest City has decided that owning the business was no longer a focus for the company.
Well, that may be, but the original goal was to establish a long-term business.