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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Gilmartin: "It doesn’t matter much to me whether they [Amazon] end up at Pacific Park" (really?)

From Real Estate Weekly, 11/22/17, Real Estate power players split on cityʼs chances to win Amazon HQ:
[Forest City New York's MaryAnne] Gilmartin agreed that the economics of the situation make a New York headquarters for Amazon “difficult to imagine.”
She acknowledged the potential for her company’s portfolio — which includes the MetroTech center in downtown Brooklyn as well as several properties in the Pacific Park area around the Barclays Center — Gilmartin said the arrival of a major employer such as Amazon would benefit the entire city.
“Rising tides raise all boats,” she said. “It doesn’t matter much to me whether they end up at Pacific Park, whether they end up at the (Brooklyn Navy Yard) or whether they end up in Midtown because it’s good for New York.”
(Emphasis added)

That's a remarkably diplomatic (or blasé) statement.

Rising tides may lift all boats, but Greenland Forest City Partners has a speculative office tower percolating at Site 5--yet to go through official approvals--and surely would like to get it leased. That's why it got some mini-buzz in a New York Times article about the Amazon bid.


  1. Site B4 is also to be an office tower of around 600ft in height correct? If so,its ready to go unlike site 5 that according to you is under litigation.

    1. 510 feet. But the program would have to be changed, and I believe that requires state approval:


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