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Barclays Center Monday Madness: $10 tickets to Nets/Islanders; $5 for Long Island Nets, who've drawn lightly at Coliseum

Two days ago, a "Monday Madness" email from the Barclays Center promised some deals, including $10 tickets to a 1/10/18 (Wednesday) Brooklyn Nets game versus the Detroit Pistons. For now, resale tickets start at $10 on Ticketmaster, while standard admission starts at $27.

That price may not be such a deal. Scanning StubHub shows tickets for the Pistons game at $9, the cheapest available, while other games are selling for $11, $12, $13, $15, and up.

The New York Islanders

There are also $10 tickets to a 1/7/18 (Sunday) New York Islanders game versus the New Jersey Devils. You'd think a 1 pm Sunday game against a regional rival, a good hockey team, would be selling better. Resale tickets start at $16 on Ticketmaster, while standard admission starts at $25. So that $10 does look like a deal.

By the way, scanning StubHub shows tickets for the Devils game at $17, while other games are selling for $6, $8, $9, $10, and up.

The Long Island Nets

Regarding the $5 tickets for the 12/19/17 NBA G League game at the Nassau Coliseum featuring the Long Island Nets versus the Westchester Knicks, that seems a decent discount off the $15 regular price.

Then again, it's a fairly big arena, seating 13,500 for basketball, and the Long Island Nets have hardly been selling out. In their first three games, they have drawn announced crowds of 3,205, 1,346, and 1,574. Such attendance does not an anchor tenant make.

For upcoming games, tickets on StubHub start at $6, though the game against the Westchester Knicks starts at $17. So that $5 looks like a deal.