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The need for real-time response: work at Dean/Sixth poses hazards, and "No accountability looks like this"

This is among multiple articles covering issues raised at the March 15 Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC) meeting.

One knotty issue raised at the 3/15/16 meeting of the Atlantic Yards Development Corporation (AY CDC) was the need for timely reporting about construction impacts, given the six-month lag in producing overall assessments of the recent quarter's incident reports. (There's even less assessment of arena operational impacts.)

But the need for real time assessment/feedback remains. Consider the Instagram posts below, from two days ago, from Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park neighbor Peter Krashes.

They suggest "one of the worst cluster fks on Dean between Flatbush and 6th that I've seen in a long while," he reported, as a closed pedestrian passage, illegal parking, and tree trimming combined to pose hazards to pedestrians. Then contractors installing an electrical system closed the street, with no apparent coordination between projects.

There was no signage to alert pedestrians, no announcement at bus stops, and no clear alert to neighbors (though the latest Construction Update warn of unspecified temporary closures of the sidewalk).

"No accountability looks like this," he wrote, adding that various official representatives were present. "There were plenty of people you would think would know to immediately correct the situation on the ground: ESD [Empire State Development], STV [a state consultant], and Sam Schwartz [the developer's contractor]. Plus the contractors. Who is in charge? Who has the protocols to fix problems in a timely way."

Those are reasonable questions. I asked ESD yesterday for any comment, but haven't heard back yet. I'll update if I get one. But it again raises the importance of real-time reaction in the field, as well as a willingness to address concerns publicly in real time.

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