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Brooklyn Nets rank 7th in Fan Cost Index (and have expensive beer), but the big leap was upon the move

So according to this Yahoo article, drawing on a chart from Business Insider and Team Marketing Report's 2014 Fan Cost Index, the Brooklyn Nets have the sixth most expensive beer in the NBA, at $8.50 for 16 ounces. (So do the Boston Celtics.)

Or, to put it another way, they have the third most expensive beer in the NBA, at 53 cents an ounce. The serving in Brooklyn is 16 ounces, while the Knicks charge $10.50 for 21 ounces, or 50 cents an ounce.

Actually, two other teams charge more per ounce, Golden State and Denver, but the smallest beer is 12 ounces.

The current Fan Cost Index shows the Nets at 7th in the league, with the fourth largest increase, at 5.9%. The Knicks are by far the most expensive, with even less value for money, given the team's quality this year.

(The Fan Cost Index® comprises the prices of four average-price season tickets, two cheapest draft beers, four cheapest soft drinks, four regular-size hot dogs, parking for one car, two game programs and two least-expensive, adult-size adjustable caps.)

The the 2013 Fan Cost Index again had the Nets at 7th, with the eighth largest increase, at 4.6%.

But the real change came in the 2012 Fan Cost Index, upon the Nets' move to Brooklyn. The Nets reached 7th place, after a stratospheric 33.8% increase in the index, including a stunning 50.8% increase in ticket price. The leaguewide average increase in ticket price was 3.5%, and the next highest increases were 15.1%, 11.3%, and 10.5%.

They had to pay for the new talent on the floor, and they had to acquire that talent to assemble a team respectable enough to command those ticket prices.

By the way, the index is rather imperfect, since relatively few attendees in Brooklyn drive, and even fewer pay for parking.