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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Alert: New York State (implicitly) takes sides in Forest City's dispute with Skanska

Ok, it was a holiday Monday, but shouldn't the two-week Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update, prepared by developer Forest City Ratner and distributed by Empire State Development, have been distributed on Tuesday?

Instead, the "PACIFIC PARK BROOKLYN CONSTRUCTION UPDATE" for the weeks of September 1 and September 8 (below) was circulated today at 10:58 am.

According to the document, send questions to contact ESD’s Manager, Atlantic Yards Project Community/Government Relations or at 212-803-3736 or (They're still having trouble with the name.)

Taking sides in modular dispute?

Notably, it seems that Empire State Development, an arm of the state government/governor's office, is implicitly taking sides in Forest City's bitter dispute with Skanska over cost overruns and delays at the B2 modular tower.

ESD forwarded, without editing and under its own letterhead, Forest City's characterization that "Work at the B2 site has been halted by a wrongful work stoppage by construction manager Skanska." (I suspect ESD routinely slaps what Forest City sends on its own letterhead without much of a look.)

By contrast, Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration was more cautious. “We hope the parties can resolve this matter quickly so workers can get back to work and this affordable housing project can move forward," spokesman Wiley Norvell told WNYC.

Some news

Much in the document below has already been announced, but some specifics are new. Expect new trailers delivered to the site after September 9 to help with the green roof being built over the arena.

Bike racks accommodating only 45 bikes will be available during the green roof work. And, as shown on video this morning, they've begun to fence off the B3 site at Dean Street and Sixth Avenue to install a crane.

From the document, verbatim below

B-2 Tower, Modular Residential
• Work at the B2 site has been halted by a wrongful work stoppage by construction manager Skanska.

Arena Green Roof
• Trailers that will be used in connection with the Green Roof construction will be delivered to the B3 site after the Fashion Rocks event, which is to be held on September 9th.
• Commencing on September 2nd an area within the B3 footprint will be fenced in for storage of equipment and materials used in connection with work going on inside the building. The fence will also be reconfigured after the Fashion Rocks event to encompass the entire site.
• Bike racks currently on the B3 site will start to be removed to make way for the upcoming crane installation, which is slated for October. Upon removal of the bike racks, racks to accommodate approximate 45 bikes will be installed in the plaza on 6th Avenue.

LIRR Yard Activities - Block 1120 & 1121
• Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue has been converted to one-way only (westerly traffic flow) and MPT has been installed along the north side of Pacific Street in order to allow for pile drilling preparations in this area. Work will include support of excavation (SOE) work including the installation of soldier piles, lagging and tiebacks.

• Pile drilling along the north side of Pacific Street has been completed; pile drilling along the east side of 6th Avenue will continue during this reporting period and is expected to take approximately 4 months to complete. During this time period the north sidewalk will be closed. While pile drilling is underway, flaggers will be posted at both ends of the MPT to direct pedestrians to the south sidewalk of Pacific Street. Once pile drilling is complete, retaining wall demolition, lagging & tieback installation will be on going. After completion of this work, the MPT will be shifted further north allowing two-way traffic to be returned on Pacific Street; however the north sidewalk in the area of the work will remain closed for ongoing SOE installations. The MPT will remain in this location with this portion of the north sidewalk closed for approximately 8 months. Noise blankets have been installed on the chain link fence around the work area. Compressors will be located below grade in the LIRR yard.

• During this reporting period, the Contractor will continue excavation and hauling of soil from Blocks 1120 and 1121. Soil that has been classified as clean, contaminated or hazardous will be removed from the site as part of the excavation activities and brought to appropriate disposal locations. While this work is underway, protocols for the trucks entering and exiting the site have been put into place. These protocols provide instruction on roadway routing to and from the project site, queuing of trucks while on site and vehicle idling.

• Contractor will continue installation of tiebacks, lagging, excavation of soil and demolition of the lower portion of the concrete retaining wall along Pacific Street, between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues during this reporting period.
• Contractor has commenced grading/paving work in the area of the yard between the Arena and 6th Avenue. Work within this area will be ongoing during this reporting period.
• All work shall be done during daytime hours pursuant to approved DOT permits; while not expected, if required, any nighttime or weekend work would be pursuant to proper permits and advance notification will be given to the community.
• Particulate monitoring will continue during these activities and soil will be kept damp as needed.

LIRR Yard Activities – Atlantic Avenue
• Installation of the Stage 2 of the MPT is completed. MPT installations along Atlantic Avenue will be modified as work progresses. This work will be ongoing and MPT will be in place along Atlantic Avenue for approximately 24 months. Transportation Enforcement Agents (TEAs) will continue to be in place, as outlined in the DOT permit stipulations.
• Throughout the term of the MPT installation 3 westbound lanes and 2 eastbound lanes of traffic will be maintained
• Excavation and exploratory work will take place along Atlantic Avenue, east of the 6th Avenue. This exploratory work is both investigate the construction of the existing LIRR tunnel roof for future structural tie-ins for the west portal and to re-verify conditions in the area where SOE piles will be drilled. No pile drilling is expected to take place during this reporting period.
• Soil characterization borings will be conducted within Atlantic Avenue to facilitate soil disposal related to West Portal Construction.

Block 1129
• Soil characterization borings are being conducted to facilitate soil disposal related to future building construction will occur within Block 1129.
• Asbestos Abatement of 752 Pacific Street will commence during this reporting period.

How to Reach Our Community Liaison Office (CLO)
• The Community Liaison Office has been relocated to Atlantic Center, 625 Atlantic Avenue. Located on the 3rd floor, visitors seeking the office should enter through the mall entrance located at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and So. Portland Avenue. The CLO’s hours are M-F from 9am – 4pm and the phone number, 866-923-5315 and email, remains the same.