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Crain's: arena union decertification vote fails

Crain's NY Business, in Barclays workers fail to break from union, reports that "conversion crew" voted 49-6 to de-certify 32BJ in an attempt to join the Carpenters Union, but they didn't have 66 votes, or most of  the 131 total workers.

Did the workers stay home, as 32BJ says, or are there not actually 131 conversion crew employees, as the Carpenters say.

The article provides details not in the previous Daily News coverage: while Madison Square Garden does have highly-paid full-timers, "its 80 part-timers start at $11 an hour and top out at $18," Crain's says, quoting 32BJ, while all Barclays workers start "at $14 an hour, but can work their way up to $20 an hour and have a way to obtain benefits and a path to full-time work." (This is confusing: previous reportage said all MSG workers are full time.)

Bottom line, according to one Barclays worker, is " I can't live on $14 an hour, and I only get work one or two days a month, but can't collect unemployment."


  1. The Carpenters Union (NYCDC) continues to stand with the Conversion Crew/Event Carpenters at Barclays fighting for better wages and better representation. See video in support of these carpenters here >>>


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