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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

"Isolated incident"? Two more instances yesterday (and one today) of trucks leaving Atlantic Yards site with contents uncovered, violating environmental commitments memo

Though the Empire State Development Corporation last week suggested that a truck leaving the Atlantic Yards site with its contents uncovered--a violation of an environmental commitments memo signed by developer Forest City Ratner--was an "isolated incident," the evidence is mounting that it wasn't.

Yesterday I wrote about how there appear to have been three additional episodes last week.

Beyond that, the incidents continued, as new photos were posted on Atlantic Yards Watch yesterday morning and afternoon, as well as this morning.

In the morning

In the afternoon

And today (updated)

The AY Watch site was updated this morning with a few more photos.


  1. It will be great see if you get a response. Between this and the amount of dust and noise the construction on Dean St between 4th and 5th ave is bringing I just don't see how anything is being done right now to keep the construction from infringing on residents.

    Plus every single morning the same construction workers take a stroll down Dean smoking a joint.


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