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In 52nd District race, Owens mailer takes aim at both opponents

I was wondering how Chris Owens, running for Male District Leader in the 52nd Assembly District, would try to distinguish himself from not only the machine candidate, Stephen Williamson, but the other reform candidate, Jesse Strauss, who has the endorsement from one major political club (while Owens has more endorsements).

The answer: call Strauss the "Albany candidate." There's no proof, but maybe that's supposed to mean support from Assemblymember Joan Millman. (The rest of his fundraising has no obvious Albany connection.)

A more subtle critique--and one that should've been aired in a debate between the two--comes from Owens supporter David Michaelson, who writes that Owens said he wouldn't have run without the Lambda Independent Democrats' endorsement, while Strauss said he'd stay in.

Michaelson doesn't call Strauss an "Albany candidate," just a potential spoiler. The lesson, again, is that Instant Runoff Voting is needed, so voters can rank preferences. And that debates would help, so we don't have to rely on campaign advertising.

(Also, watch Room 8 blogger Gatemouth, aka Howard Graubard, and Strauss go at it.)

Chris Owens Mailer, 52nd District Leader


  1. Thanks for pointing out that I have no connection to “Albany. I have the endorsements I do (IND, Millman, Simon and Stonewall) because they know that I’ll rock the boat but I won’t capsize it.

  2. Capsized? The boat needs to be torpedoed.


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