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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Atlantic Yards down the memory hole: the first tower was supposed to break ground this year, not next spring

Forest City Ratner is delaying the first residential building, but no one seems to notice.

The New York Observer today:
Mr. Ratner reiterated his intention to begin building housing by next year, in a tower on the south side of the arena, on Dean Street, though there is no funding in place.
Crain's New York Business:
Mr. Ratner will announced [sic] the name of the architects that will work on the project some time in the first quarter of 2011, while construction could begin in the spring of next year, with construction of a new residential building beginning every six to nine months thereafter.
He also said that construction on the first residential tower -- a mixed-income building -- would likely begin in 8 to 10 months.
Forest City Ratner executive Jane Marshall, 2/24/10: "As we've stated publicly, we intend to begin design of the first residential building in such a way that it can break ground in the fourth quarter of this year."


  1. Are you kidding? Don't you think all the delays and lawsuits might have affected the time table? Be fair.

  2. Um, the key lawsuits were all resolved by the time Jane Marshall made her statement in February.

  3. Yes, but it put the timetable back a year. Let's be fair. They lost a lot of time dealing with frivolous lawsuits.

  4. Please back up future comments with specifics. The eminent domain lawsuit was done, and the groundbreaking was imminent. Delays from the point Marshall spoke involve business decisions.

  5. MrO, you are way off base. Even Marty M said back in 2004, at the beginning, that there would be time for lawsuits. THey are part of any big development. And Marshall's comments were earlier this year, so that FRC's own comments, after all the suits were over, contradict Ratner now. Amazing!

    And no suits were tossed as frivolous. All were decidd on their merits or administrative issues -- and none of us involved, on either side, were pleased.

  6. MrO, even if you believe that the suits delayed the project, we're talking about what Bruce Ratner said yesterday, nearly a full year after the last major lawsuit was resolved. So yesterday he said he doesn't know what the timetable is, yet two years ago when there WERE lawsuits he emphatically said it was ten years.

    So you aren't really making sense.


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