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Perkins to host workshop Saturday to discuss eminent domain reforms

State Senator Bill Perkins, who just introduced a bill to reform the state's eminent domain laws, notably blight, will host a workshop on the issue tomorrow in Albany from 1-2:30 pm.

It should stream live at this link.

It doesn't look like any defenders of the status quo will participate. The witness list:
  • Christina Walsh - Institute for Justice
  • Amy Lavine - Government Law Center at Albany Law School
  • Anna Adler - New York State Trial Lawyers Association
  • Tara Quinlan - New York State Trial Lawyers Association
Walsh's organization has called New York one of the country's worst abusers of eminent domain and Lavine has advised Perkins on the reform bill.

The Trial Lawyers Association does not, as far as I can tell, have a position on eminent domain, but its members generally represent individuals against institutions and businesses, and thus presumably would be sympathetic to greater protections for those facing condemnation.


  1. One might question the premise that the Trial Lawyers Association would be sympathetic to the eminent domain reform movement because some members may represent individuals fighting eminent domain.

    If we follow the money, there is more money on the other side. In eminent domain proceedings involving energy companies, some landowners have difficulty finding a lawyer to represent them.

    New York, among other states, will see more eminent domain takings because of the rising interest in natural gas drilling in the gas-rich Marcellus Shale. With more drilling comes more pipelines and more underground gas storage fields -- and that (pipelines & storage fields) means eminent domain.

    As you may know, NYC is worried about potential damage to its water supply from such drilling.

    Property owners can fight back. Our two-year battle against Houston-based Spectra Energy led to the development of a website which has begun to attract whistle blowers inside the energy industry. We are collaborating and helping kproperty owners in many states. For info, visit the site:
    Spectra Energy

    Support Perkins and all grassroots efforts to reform eminent domain.


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