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Senate Majority Leader Espada: "We did not confer upon [MTA] to be a house of real estate"

State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada may be widely and legitimately criticized for his self-interested behavior, like switching parties and throwing the Senate into gridlock, but sometimes he does make sense.

During an interview on yesterday's Brian Lehrer Show, at about 18:45, host Lehrer asked Espada how the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) could avoid service cuts.

"We're going to look at ways they can have the money," Espada responded. "We're going to look at how their spending priorities are ranked. We're going to look at the vast real estate holdings that the MTA has. We did not confer upon them to be a house of real estate--a holding company for the state of New York. They have billions in assets and we need to look at where the money is... Certainly the first course of action cannot be to penalize the ridership."

Of course he hasn't tried to look into the MTA's controversial willingness to renegotiate the deal for Vanderbilt Yard.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    State Senator Espada helped to kill major tenant legislative reforms this past summer. He stands for nothing other than his own personal benefit. He's just discovered that the MTA owns real estate? That his constituents take the subway? That he was elected ...


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