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Civic News coverage of BrooklynSpeaks lawsuit quotes a PSCC trustee: "All attempts at persuasion have failed"

Well, I'm getting to it a bit late, but coverage in the Park Slope Civic Council's (PSCC) Civic News of the BrooklynSpeaks lawsuit challenging the Empire State Development Corporation's approval of the revised Atlantic Yards plan is worth a read.

(The lawsuit was filed November 19; Ezra Goldstein's article is dated December 1, but didn't arrive in print form until recently.)

No chance for changes

Notably, it reminds us that those who tried to "mend-it-don't-end-it" finally hit the wall:
Assemblyman [Jim] Brennan, whose office attempted to facilitate communication between BrooklynSpeaks and the state, said he finally concluded that “there has never been any interest in any modification of the project or its governance. The state government, basically acting as the agent of Forest City Ratner, never had any interest in reforming or modifying the project to address any community or public concerns about balancing public good versus private interest.
First PSCC lawsuit?

And this may have been the first lawsuit ever filed by the PSCC, one of the members of BrooklynSpeaks:
The same point [about BrooklynSpeaks being pushed into opposition] was made by several speakers at the Oct. 1 meeting where Civic Council trustees voted overwhelmingly--with no nays and three abstentions--to join the lawsuit, believed to be the first such step in the organization’s 113-year history. Trustee Michael Cairl captured the trustees’ sentiment: “A lawsuit is the last chance open to us to affect the outcome of this project. All attempts at persuasion have failed.”