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While Nets' attendance went down 3% last year, ticket revenue went down 29%

The New Jersey Nets in 2008-09 reported attendance of 15,147, a 3% drop from the reported attendance of 15,656 in the previous year.

But that apparently masked a far more significant decline in revenues. Ken Berger of reports :
Fifteen teams suffered declines in gate receipts last season, the worst being the New Jersey Nets, whose ticket revenue declined $11.4 million, a 29 percent drop from 2007-08. It's no wonder the Nets want so badly to move to a new arena in Brooklyn.

I wrote last December about the history of inflated attendance figures at NBA arenas and especially Nets home games.

Why the discrepancy between the decline in revenue and the decline in reported attendance? It could be that the Nets last year inflated attendance even more. Or maybe they just gave away or discounted more tickets, thus filling seats but with less revenue.