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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

ESPN The Magazine says Bruce Ratner is second-worst owner in pro sports

ESPN The Magazine via (NLG, which notes that the worst owner is bankrupt and is trying to sell his team to a guy who plans to move it out of the country!). The fans on NetsDaily are not optimistic.

From the entry:
Developer Bruce Ratner is starting to resemble that college friend who just wasn't ready to move on after graduation. Hey, Jersey, we're hitting snafus with that planned move to Brooklyn, so, ummm, ya mind if I crash here a while longer?

For the record, when Atlantic Yards was announced in December 2003, the Brooklyn arena was supposed to open in 2006. When the project received governmental approvals in 2006, the arena was supposed to open in 2009. Now Ratner projects 2011, though government agencies say 2012--and that's before lawsuits get resolved, bonds are sold, and shovels in the ground.


  1. I'd like to suggest the Brooklyn variation of the "Friedman Unit", the Ratner Unit - the length of time from today (always equal to 3 years) that the AY arena will open.

  2. This comment on NetsDaily seems relevant.
    Chris2 Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 12:23 pm The Nets should use some sneaky tricks to get Lebron to sign here. Like the Angels of MLB, the Nets should change their name to Brooklyn Nets of New Jersey. Problem solved.

  3. the nets could change their name to the 'brooklyn nets of manhattan, chicago, los angeles, london & paris' and lebron still wouldn't sign here

    lebron is staying in cleveland because:

    one, it's his hometown, where he just built 2 side-by-side mansions for himself & his mom

    two, he has an excellent supporting cast on the cavs, which just got a whole lot better with the recent addition of shaquille o'neal

    three, under the league's player compensation rules, the cavs can offer lebron approximately $30 million MORE in guaranteed money than any other team can ... no athlete in the history of pro sports has walked away from those kind of $$$$$ (unless they were hanging it up & retiring)

    virtually all of the chatter about lebron joining the knicks or nets in 2010 stems from extremely wishful thinking on the part of new york city sportswriters & broadcasters


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