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The West Side yards project gets a blog, and AY gets a mention

We've seen the many ways that the plans to develop the West Side yards differ from the plans for the MTA's Vanderbilt Yard in Brooklyn.

Still, however, no mainstream press outlet is going to take a close and sustained look. So those most concerned will do it themselves.

From Curbed:
Friends of the High Line doesn't want to find out the hard way, so the group is getting active when it comes to protecting the ol' upper-third. They've launched the Rail Yards Blog to cover all things Hudson-related and to keep a close eye on the proceedings. It's kind of like another big urban planning blog, Atlantic Yards Report, except not nearly as critical. Until they get fucked, that is. You don't want to see a rusted bitch scorned.

In response, the Rail Yards Blog commented:
But hey, Curbed - who said anything about getting scorned? Though it’s true that we’re living in an era of problematic large-scale projects, there’s still time to be optimistic that the process will be more open and transparent, and productive, than those other yards. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the doomsaying, nahmean?

Doing the work of two, or three

To be fair, the Rail Yards Blog looks to do (some of) the work of two blogs: No Land Grab, a comprehensive catalog of all things Atlantic Yards, as well as my blog, which includes a lot more original reportage. And, given that the Rail Yards Blog is the product of the Friends of the High Line, another parallel might be Develop
Don't Destroy Brooklyn's web site/blog.

Atlantic Yards Report and No Land Grab are volunteer blogs, and DDDB uses almost all of the funds raised to pay lawyers. Friends of the High Line, it seems, has a somewhat more supported position:
Friends of the High Line’s rail yards advocacy is made possible by the A.G. Foundation, the Greenacre Foundation, the Leon Levy Foundation, John and Wendy Neu, and Wendy Keys and Donald Pels.