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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Times Sports section: Nets move assumed (& corrected)

From an article in the Sports section of today's New York Times, headlined Nets’ Hopes Riding on Three Main Attractions:
Still, another early playoff exit would be disappointing for this team and its New Jersey fan base, which could be growing antsy given the Nets’ coming move to Brooklyn.

The Atlantic Yards project hasn't been approved. The move is "planned," or "expected," or "hoped-for." At this point, it's inaccurate to describe it as "coming."

[November 2 update. The Times published a correction:
A sports article yesterday about the Nets’ three main attractions — Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson and Jason Kidd — referred incorrectly to the team’s plans to move to Brooklyn. The team has announced that it will move to an arena to be built as part of the Atlantic Yards development, but because that project has not yet been approved, the move to that particular venue is not a certainty.]


  1. True, the Atlantic Yards project is hoped-for. It is hoped-for by far more people than the number of those who oppose it.

    Short-term Construction jobs, long-term office jobs, homes and big-time sports are around the corner. This project will contribute to Brooklyn's brightening future.


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