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Brewery's Hindy rewrites history on Atlantic Yards jobs claims

In a debate published today in Metro NY over the merits of a boycott of the Brooklyn Brewery by those opposed to the Atlantic Yards project, the Brewery's Steve Hindy states:
When Ratner unveiled his plan to buy the New Jersey Nets and bring them to Brooklyn, we were thrilled. The departure of the Dodgers in 1957 had left a hole in Brooklyn’s heart. We believe that the Nets could give Brooklyn a team to rally around again. And we were very impressed by the housing and commercial development surrounding the arena, designed by Frank Gehry. The development promised to bring 15,000 construction jobs and 3,000 permanent new jobs to Brooklyn, as well as seven acres of new public open space.

However, has been noted numerous times, the 15,000 promised construction jobs would actually be 1500 jobs a year over ten years.

Also, the number of permanent new office jobs unveiled in Ratner's plan was to be 10,000, not 3000; only in 2005, nearly 18 months after plans were announced in December 2003, did Forest City Ratner announce it would reduce office space and add market-rate condos. Actually, the development does not promise 3000 permanent new jobs, unless they're counting jobs in retail, the hotel, or the arena; FCR's Jim Stuckey said in a recent court filing: We estimate that the Project will create 15,000 construction jobs and, eventually, at least 2,500 permanent jobs.

As for the amount of open space, it was initially promised at six acres; the seven acres is a reconfiguration.