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More parking spaces for the Atlantic Yards arena? Brennan idea said to be "very preliminary," draws immediate fire; isn't the issue demand management?

More parking spaces for the Atlantic Yards arena? According to Patch, Assemblyman Jim Brennan aims to introduce legislation that would “compel Ratner to provide more parking” near the site.

One commenter on Patch wrote:
Jim: You are wildly out-of-touch on this issue. Community groups have stated very clearly: We want residential parking permits and an extremely limited on-site parking supply at this new arena. This is the way to ensure less gridlock, pollution and cruising for parking on our neighborhood streets.
Maybe that's why a Brennan aide told Patch the legislation is “very preliminary.”

As Eric McClure put it on No Land Grab, responding to a Brennan quote:
Actually, there is every reason that Forest City Ratner should be allowed to not provide parking. If you build it, they will drive [PDF].
Demand management

It's the job of Forest City Ratner and the Empire State Development Corporation, presumably in consultation with local bodies, to develop a demand management strategy, one that already has several element, as described below.

A refined version of the plan is due in about six months, with opportunity for public comment.

From the December 2009 Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments (embedded below):
1. As described in the FEIS, prior to the opening of the arena, FCRC shall implement incentives to reduce traffic demand associated with the operation of the Project to reduce the overall number of vehicles coming to the arena for a Nets game within one-half mile of the arena by 30% of the initially projected demand. In connection with this requirement FCRC shall:
(a) provide remote parking facilities (e.g., facilities located at MetroTech, Long Island Hospital or other appropriate facilities at the western end of Atlantic Avenue near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) containing an aggregate of at least 500 spaces at a 50 percent discount from rates for FCRC-controlled parking at or near the arena;
(b) arrange for free shuttle bus service between the remote parking facilities described above and the arena;
(c) impose high-occupancy-vehicle (“HOV”) parking requirements for at least 600 arena parking spaces at the Project site, requiring vehicles utilizing such HOV spaces to be occupied by three or more persons after 5 PM on Nets game days;
(d) provide a free round-trip subway fare to Nets basketball game ticketholders who would otherwise drive. The final design of this fare-incentive program shall be developed with and subject to the review and approval of NYCT.
(e) provide free round-trip charter bus service between two Staten Island park-and-ride facilities (Outerbridge Park & Ride and Father Capodanno Park & Ride) providing an aggregate capacity accommodating approximately 264 persons. The park-and-ride facilities selected for this service may be modified after implementation, upon the approval of NYCDOT, to maximize the effectiveness of this measure.
(f) cross-market with area businesses to encourage ticketholders to patronize local restaurants and stores before and after games;
(g) provide any ticketholder traveling to the arena by bicycle with free indoor bicycle storage in a secure, manned facility designed to accommodate at least 400 bicycles on the arena block; and
(h) provide expected attendance data to, and otherwise cooperate with, NYCT as necessary to assist NYCT in determining the appropriate increase in subway service to the Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street
subway station on selected subway lines immediately following basketball games and other major arena events as necessary to alleviate potential platform crowding at that subway station.

2. FCRC shall collect data midway through the first basketball season from Nets patrons documenting the travel mode of such patrons to evaluate the effectiveness of the demand management program, and shall provide such data to NYCT and ESDC. Subject to ESDC approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, FCRC may adjust the elements of the program to achieve the goal of reducing the auto share by a minimum of 30% of the number of vehicle trips projected for the Build Condition in the FEIS (i.e., to approximately 800 arena inbound auto trips during the pre-game peak hour) within one-half mile of the arena, provided that all practicable and effective demand management measures are maintained.

3. For major arena events other than Nets games, FCRC shall make available to event promoters practicable demand management measures (such as the reduced rate remote parking and shuttle bus mitigation described above) and encourage such promoters to implement such measures.

Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments for The

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