Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daily News: parking summonses rise around Atlantic Yards site; now, what about cops themselves? what about trucks with contents uncovered?

In Police crack down on illegal parking around Atlantic Yards construction, the Daily News reports:
Cops have finally cracked down on the rampant illegal parking around the Atlantic Yards construction site.

The Daily News reported this month that construction workers, city employees and others were parking illegally and using bogus placards around the busy project site with no fear of enforcement - but now the NYPD is handing out the tickets.

Cops have issued 69 parking summonses in the last two weeks in the blocks around the site, and NYPD spokesman said. The spokesman said the violations "run the gamut" and include parking at a bus stop, on the sidewalk, in front of a hydrant, and in No Standing zones.

Empire State Development Corp. project manager Arana Hankin said when she visited the site last week, she saw NYPD brass directing a ticket blitz.
I've reported on the apparent improvement, which Hankin announced nearly two weeks ago.

Unclear is whether the actions of police officers themselves are being targeted.

What next?

The illegal parking was blatant, thus relatively easy to respond to. Equally blatant, it seems, is the periodic departure of trucks from the Atlantic Yards site without tarps covering dirt and dust, as required by the Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments.

Will Hankin's agency step up to stop that?

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