Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Construction Update: Forest City and contractor Hunt are "considering" helping more with rat abatement

From the two-week Construction Update (embedded below), dated 7/4/11, prepared by Forest City Ratner and distributed by the Empire State Development Corporation:
Hunt [Construction] and FCRC have reviewed and are considering actions to supplement the site and adjacent neighborhood’s rodent protection activities. Hunt has more than 225 rodent bait stations within the area work site and Block 1129 that are being monitored and maintained.
The issue, however, is the "rat tsunami" outside the project site. The developer has been pressured to do more and previously said it was considering doing so. Given that rat sightings proliferate, as I've been told, residents seek a solution sooner rather than later.

Lots of late work

From the document:
Anticipated Night Time & Weekend Work
During this reporting period the following work will be performed either at night or during the weekend as noted. All work will be done pursuant to approved permits:
Long Island Rail Road/Vanderbilt Yard/ Carlton Avenue Bridge:
o As of May 2nd, yard construction hours are 6am – 4:30pm.
o In addition, as of Saturday May 7, 2011, construction work will take place on Saturdays during the hours of 7am – 5:30pm for a period of at least three months. Work will consist of the installation of SOE piles along the south side of the jobsite within block 1120 & 1121; along “the bump” on Block 1120 (Lots 19, 28 and 35) and near the former gas station on Block 1121, lot 42.
Arena Site:
Arena weekend work will be scheduled no later than close of business on the preceding
Thursday, where make-up work due to weather or other delays makes it necessary.
Saturday work is expected to continue for this reporting period.
Subject to receipt of permits, a second shift will be continued throughout this reporting
period, from 3 – 11 PM, Monday-Friday only.
The Developer has been requested to advise ESDC and STV of what contractors will be
working over the weekend and what they will be working on.
NYC Transit Improvements:
o Temporary concrete road decking is substantially complete, however, in the event
there is a need to do any related work, such work will be performed at night per DOT
regulations. Traffic will be restored every morning according to DOT stipulations.
o Concrete and steel repair work will be conducted in the IRT Subway tunnel under a
GO for the weekend of July 9th through the morning of July 11th. All work associated
with this GO will take place below grade within the tunnel.
o Work related to demolition of BMT structure and below grade concrete, steel and
MEP work may be conducted on Saturdays, July 9th and 16th, during this reporting
period. All such work will take place within the site.

Atlantic Yards Construction Alert 7042011

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