Saturday, July 09, 2011

Brooklyn Paper's front-page scoop: no Brooklynite was chosen for the Nets Dancers after two auditions!

Well, the Brooklyn Paper has so far avoided covering the not-uncontroversial arrangement between the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, but, rest assured, the front pages of this week's issue offers a scoop: Brooklyn Nets? Not on the dance line!

The article begins:
Technical foul!

The New Jersey Nets' relocation to Brooklyn has roused plenty of negative emotions in some quarters, but last week really hurt: not one hometown beauty was chosen for a coveted spot with the Nets Dancers when they make their dazzling debut at the Barclays Center next year--and this after two open auditions that drew upwards of 500 contestants.
The article concludes:
Thankfully for Brooklyn gals who still long to shimmy and strut for the hoopsters, hope is a jump ball away-- [entertainment manager Kimberlee] Garris promised more try outs in the future.

You hear that, Brooklyn? Girl, it's time to represent!
Just remember, "time to represent" may include photos from the back.

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