Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bloomberg: the public has a right to know about public monies (when it comes to the DA's office)

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is very concerned about transparency regarding public funds when it comes to the District Attorney's office.

On yesterday's Live from City Hall with Mayor Mike and John Gambling (starting about 22:40), Bloomberg expressed concern about the $80-million plus in "hidden bank accounts" held by the office of Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau.

"It's especially problematic because these are public monies, the public has a right to know about them," Bloomberg said. "Every agency, including the District Attorney, has a responsibility and a legal obligation to make sure their finances are transparent."

"The DA comes to us every year for his budget," Bloomberg continued. "How are we supposed to know what his budgets needs are when they're sitting on tens of millions of dollars. Monies we give to the DA are monies we could use for other things if they're not needed.... This is the public's monies, and nobody--no agency--has a right to hide what they do."

But when I last year asked via a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request why the city had added $105 million in subsidies for Atlantic Yards, I was stonewalled.

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  1. Maybe if Morgenthau gives Bruce some money, Mayor Bloomingdales will be mollified.