Wednesday, December 02, 2009

AY facts and fiction, from Noticing New York

Noticing New York blogger Michael D.D. White, in a post headlined Unfair Substitution of Fiction for Fact in the Atlantic Yards Dialogue, writes:
A prevailing hallmark of the promotion for Forest City Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards Brooklyn real estate mega-monopoly is the extremely unfair way that fiction has been routinely substituted for and intermingled with what are theoretically the actual facts.
Some of the fictions are more debatable than others--after all, the Atlantic Yards site likely would have an arena, thus different from the infamous site in New London.

But White and other critics/opponents have a lot of ammo, starting with incontrovertible deceptions like the crime analysis in the Blight Study.

Read on to the conclusion:
Applying this formulation to Ratner’s saying that he needed to “get a bigger wall”: It has the characteristics of truth or what can be referred to as “one or more truth characteristics.”

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