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The Times covers the Barclays Center as protest epicenter

How a Once-Loathed Brooklyn Arena Became a Protest Epicenter, the New York Times's Andy Newman offers today.

Though it covers some of the same ground as my article for Bklyner last week, it's not a ripoff, but I wish that some of my skepticism would've gotten translated to the Times.

Notably, it gives Joe Tsai, who owns the arena operating company, more slack than he deserves, given his very calibrated performance, and quotes Bruce Ratner, the arena developer, as saying “I’m very happy that it has been a place where people can congregate and hopefully going forward a place where people feel comfortable and safe."

That's total b.s., given that the arena security guards easily ejected peaceful people from the plaza, like, um, my tour.

Note: There's now a link to my piece, but not to any text that indicates that I wrote a piece. And because of that, the reference does not translate to print, or (many versions of) the newspaper's archive.


  1. You're very fair to say that the Times piece is not a ripoff of your thoughtful work; it indeed falls in a journalistic gray area. But some graceful tip of the hat would have been the right thing to do.

    1. Agreed. These pieces should be in dialogue.


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