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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Meeting update: railyard nearly done; new Atlantic Avenue median; new retail tenant; questions about sanitation and truck staging

This is the third of four articles on the 3/3/20 Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meeting, held by Empire State Development (ESD), the state authority overseeing/shepherding the project. The first concerned timing for the platform and other project elements. The second concerned the faulty elevator at the Barclays Center. The fourth concerned Barclays Center-related traffic issues.

Block 1121, highlight added
The revamped Vanderbilt Yard, used to store and service Long Island Rail Road trains, is fully operational in Block 1121, between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, said Scott Solish of Greenland USA.

He said some minor punchlist and repair work is ongoing, so it's not considered final completion according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, "but we are substantially complete."

The presentation embedded below, and the screenshot excerpted at right, show part of that block. I've added a blue square to highlight what may be the precursor for future supports for the deck needed over the railyard.

New Atlantic Avenue median

As part of the work at the B4 site, the parcel at the northeast corner of the arena block, Greenland Forest City Partners had demolish a portion of the median on Atlantic Avenue, and is creating a smaller pedestrian island.

A pedestrian walkway outside of B4 on the Atlantic Avenue side will not be available until the median is finished, "hopefully by the end of this week," he said. (When I went by on Thursday night, it wasn't ready.)

B4 progress, and access

B4 work has progressed to the second and third floor, Solish said.

He said there was supposed to be a corridor along the west side of Sixth Avenue between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue to protect pedestrians, some of whom chose to walk in the street.

When I checked Wednesday morning, the passageway was closed. I contacted Greenland and Empire State Development for any explanation, but didn't hear back.

B15 progress, and staging

At the B15 site, just east of Sixth Avenue between Dean and Pacific streets, the excavation of the deep foundation is finished finished. "Very large steel beams and trusses" on the south side of the site will support large spaces in the school at the building's base, the gym and the cafeteria, he said.

When I went by on Wednesday, I was surprised to see a concrete truck staging not inside the fence, nor in the main staging queue along Pacific Street east of Carlton Avenue, but outside the fence, in a small pocket on the northeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Dean Street.

See video below--it was going for at least 15 minutes, which is when I left, and likely longer.

Retail tenant at 38 Sixth

Solish said that a retail tenant should soon be announced at 38 Sixth Avenue, at the northwest corner of Dean and Sixth. There are two retail spaces, one empty (on Sixth) and the other (at Dean and Sixth) temporarily used as a construction office.

He indicated that the latter would be the one occupied, but wouldn't offer any details. Presumably they want the opportunity to make an announcement in concert with the tenant, and/or place it in a friendly news outlet.

Sanitation at the railyard

Representatives of the North Prospect Heights Association again brought up problems with sanitation around the Vanderbilt Yard, notably the north side of Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton avenue, and then the east side of Vanderbilt Avenue between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue.

"I will say not to make excuses we do our best it's hard for us to get in" to the Pacific Street side, said Solish, noting cars parked as a barrier.

As to the Vanderbilt Avenue side, Solish said that "technically" both the LIRR and the city are responsible, "but we’ll ask building staff" to help.