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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Tracy Collins: photos of blocks adjacent to the arena, and the arena from above

Photographer Tracy Collins has been shooting the neighborhood around the arena site for years. Here are some of his latest photos.

Sixth Avenue and Bergen Street, looking north

As Collins points out:
The cranes on the construction site of the Barclays Center Arena of Atlantic Yards loom over the homes on 6th Avenue. This residential block, shared with the NYPD 78th precinct (on the right), will be one of the most directly impacted by the 18,000-seat arena. The southeast corner of the arena will be at the end of this block, at the intersection of 6th & Dean Street.
Flatbush Avenue at Dean Street, looking northwest

I'd note that some of the longtime tenants, notably the medical facilities on Flatbush, are likely to see offers for their leases, and would be replaced by sports-related retail and entertainment.

Dean Street opposite arena, looking west

Residents of the yellow house pictured, as well as adjacent apartment buildings, likely will have bear the brunt of arena activity. Remember, city zoning bars sports facilities from being within 200 feet of residences, but the state overrode zoning, with the city's compliance.

The arena from above, looking west from Dean Street east of Sixth Avenue

Collins, who took the photo 4/21/11, points out:
The buildings in the foreground would also be demolished for a high-rise building (and this view would be filled with its eastern wall) if/when it's built
That's the official plan, but remember that the 100-foot-wide piece of land was originally needed for construction staging, when the Atlantic Yards project consisted of 1) a much larger arena and 2) four buildings around the arena built at roughly the same time.

With a smaller arena, and attenuated construction schedule, it wasn't necessary to clear the land. Will Forest City Ratner still build the planned tower, Building 15, 272 feet? It could be quite lucrative. But as we've learned, with Atlantic Yards, you never know.