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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

The Civilians' theater piece about Atlantic Yards will debut November 12

In December 2008, the theater troupe The Civilians, which bases its shows on interviews but doesn't quite produce documentaries, debuted Brooklyn At Eye Level, its first (and preliminary) show based on its look into the controversy and passions of the Atlantic Yards project.

I thought the show was well worth seeing, though it also had gaps. Starting in November, we'll see how much the story has been updated and how many of the gaps will be filled in.

From TheaterMania:
Casting has been announced for The Civilians' newest show In the Footprint: The Battle Over the Atlantic Yards, to run November 12-December 11 at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn. Written by Steve Cosson, the piece will feature music and songs by Michael Friedman and Michael Hill.

In the Footprint will investigate the story of Brooklyn's controversial land development project, using a combination of theater, dance and music, and has been developed from its inspiration from interviews with the real life players in the story: residents both old and new, community activists, developers, local business owners, and politicos, among others.

As previously announced, the company will present selections from the show at Joe's Pub in September.

The company will feature Marsha Stephanie Blake, Billy Eugene Jones, Greg McFadden, Melanie Nicholls-King, Joaquin Torres, and Colleen Werthmann.

That's the previous cast, so they have had time to grow into the roles.

Contested terminology

As with so many things related to Atlantic Yards, terminology is contested. The title "The Battle Over the Atlantic Yards" could leave the impression that "the Atlantic Yards" is a place, which it isn't.

Atlantic Yards is a project, and a marketing term. The title should be "The Battle Over Atlantic Yards."