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D-Lee's agent tells it like it is: "the hypocrisy of the whole world of sports"

Recently departed Knicks forward David Lee, an ever-improving player who became a (last-minute) All-Star this past year, got some well-deserved ink from Times columnist Harvey Araton today, in Traded by Knicks, Lee Was Still a Team Player.

Araton noted that Lee was the only team member to attend funerals of two men connected with the team and that he was the only one to watch from courtside the halftime ceremony at the 40th anniversary of its 1970 championship team.

Araton wrote:
“People talk about how much they want good citizens, guys who are committed to an organization and a city,” said Mark Bartelstein, Lee’s agent.

“At the end of the day, it is what it is, the hypocrisy of the whole world of sports."
Flashback: hypocrisy

Remember how Bruce Ratner, in a 6/26/05 New York Times Magazine interview, went out of his way to puff the Nets:
The players are terrific. They are of good character. They are incredibly charitable. They are family-oriented. They have integrity.
As I wrote 2/15/08 upon Jason Kidd's departure for Dallas, we wouldn't see any more stories about his tempestuous divorce, his churchgoing, nor his image rehabilitation via Take a Net to School.

Then, as with the Nets' current slogan, It's All New.