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Thompson's audit finds subway stations badly maintained (including Atlantic Avenue); does not look at tunnel conditions

In case you're wondering whether Comptroller Bill Thompson's Audit Report on New York City Transit’s Maintenance and Repair of Subway Stations (PDF) mentions the deteriorated conditions in subway tunnels found in a confidential report prepared by Forest City Ratner, the answer is no. It addresses areas accessible to riders, not subway tunnels.

But it would be worth it for Thompson to ask a few questions. After all, I couldn't get any details from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority about remedial work.

At Atlantic Avenue

Meanwhile, Thompson's report does find questionable conditions at the Atlantic Avenue subway hub for which the MTA has sold "Barclays Center" naming rights.

It states:
Clogged Drain and Water Ponding at the Bottom of Staircase at the Atlantic Avenue Station

On November 13, 2008, we visited the Atlantic Avenue station of the B and Q lines in Brooklyn and observed water ponding at the bottom of the M1A stairway resulting from a clogged drain. This did not appear in the trouble-call database. Therefore, the condition had not been reported by the station supervisor to the maintenance shop for repair.

In response to this condition, in their June 18, 2009, correspondence NYCT officials stated, “Maintenance personnel completed the clean-out of stairway M1A drain at the Atlantic Avenue Station BQ on May 30, 2009, eliminating the ponding water condition.” We revisited the station on July 27, 2009, and determined that the condition had been abated. We found that even though it had rained heavily the evening prior to our revisit, there was no evidence of water ponding or moisture on the platform tiles around the drain.