Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When arena opens in 2012, Building 2 still under construction; despite predictions, it doesn't look like another tower will be under way by then

According to the Arena Traffic Mitigation Plan (below) prepared by Sam Schwartz Engineering and distributed yesterday by the Empire State Development Corporation, Building 2 (highlighted), the first housing tower, is expected to be under construction when the arena opens in September 2012.

As the gray outline in the graphic suggests, the location for Building 4, at the northeast corner of the arena block, is demarcated, but it's unclear when the building will go up. And a bicycle parking facility will occupy part of the space designed for Building 3.

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Schedule slipping

Why is this important? Because in September 2010, Forest City Ratner executive MaryAnne Gilmartin said, "We anticipate having funding in place to start the first building at Dean and Flatbush in the spring of 2011, the second six to nine months later, and the third about the same time after that."

Not only has the first tower been delayed, it doesn't look like the developer aims to get the second building started within six to nine months.

Arena Traffic Mitigation Plan 52311

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  1. The people who live on Pacific Street between 4th and Flatbush will be delighted to have their already busy street turned into a major thorough fare as I do not for a moment imagine that anyone will be using the 3rd Avenue path as it is longer, most probably slower and more convoluted than just turning right on Pacific and you're on Flatbush already. Brilliant plan, brilliant!