Monday, May 23, 2011

Forget traffic changes and rats at AY District Service Cabinet, free fare incentive generated news for Post and Brooklyn Paper

It's kind of bizarre that, to two newspapers, the main news emanating from last week's Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meeting concerned not the meat of the discussion--such as traffic changes and rats--but an issue mentioned as an aside and expected to be discussed at a future meeting.

The Post on May 20 published 'Net'roCard on track for Brooklyn hoops fans and today the Brooklyn Paper published Take the train to the game — and then inside.

It's hardly news that arena sponsors aimed to connect game tickets to MetroCards--after all, Chapter 19, Mitigation, of the November 2006 Final Environmental Impact Statement describes a free fare incentive.

Was the development of the incentive delayed along with the arena, as the newspapers report? Only to the extent that everything slowed.

Such an incentive is crucial to discouraging driving, so I'm confident that once the arena started moving ahead, so too did plans for traffic mitigations.

In other words, there was other news to report.


  1. Do you know if they use "games" and "Nets" terminology as (sloppy) short-hand to describe an MTA-incentive for all events (and not just NBA games)?

    This is a big issue, as you know, since there will be a ratio of, what?, three non-NBA games for every one?



  2. Given that the arena holding company is connected to the Nets owners, and that basketball games are expected to more likely fill the arena, the emphasis for now--I believe--is limited to the Nets.

    That said, some concerts obviously would sell out, so there's the same argument for a ticket connected to a MetroCard.