Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Bruce Ratner, once "humble, winsome" to a supporter, becomes "affable, rumpled" to a journalistic sycophant (but what about the grim photo?)

Once upon a time, in the memorable words of the Rev. Herbert Daughtry, Bruce Ratner was described as having a customary "humble, winsome" manner.

I guess we'll have to add "affable, rumpled" to the list, since that's the shorthand description in The Real Deal's cover article headlined Ratner's refute: Developer insists Atlantic Yards is moving forward.

Consider the quote from Ratner accompanying the photo: "Ultimately the truth will come out -- that this project will be very good for Brooklyn."

The article makes no attempt to discern the competing evidence regarding that truth, but doesn't Ratner in the photo appear not so affable but rather a bit grim?

(I already covered the claim regarding the progress of Atlantic Yards and the claim regarding Ratner's p.r.)

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