Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beyond Prime 6 and the sports bar/gastropub, a 35,000 square foot entertainment center planned for Pacific at Flatbush

Turns out the gastropub and sports bar, coupled with a pizzeria and falafel joint, planned for the corner of Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue may be far more demure than what's planned for the rest of the space, some 35,000 square feet.

As the Brooklyn Paper reports, in Mega-party space to rise across from Barclays Center:
“How about neon or digital behind glass, aimed at the crowds streaming into the Barclays Arena?” the ad crows. “Our architect calls it a ‘sexy space’ — we call it a freakin’ GOLDMINE for the right user!”

The ad dangles the prospect of “80,000 customers a night,” though the $1-billion arena seats roughly 18,000.

The owner of the building, Henry Weinstein, had been a plaintiff in the Atlantic Yards eminent domain cases, given his property within the arena footprint, but he's a businessman first.

The tight fit

As with previous public battles over Prime Six and the abovementioned establishments, the concern from neighbors emanates from the very tight fit of arena and neighborhood. As the Brooklyn Paper reports:

“Go to Madison Square Garden and see what kinds of businesses are around it,” said Eric McClure, co-founder of Park Slope Neighbors, a civic group. “I definitely think this changes the nature of the neighborhood.

“This is what people feared when the state overrode zoning laws that ban the construction of an arena within 200-feet of a residential neighborhood,” McClure added.

The property has neighbors’ attention, as the proposed bar/gastropub is already causing indigestion among those fearful of the radical change that’s anticipated.

But Weinstein dismissed local concerns.

“We want something that is community board friendly,” he said.

I don't think that necessarily dismisses local concerns; Weinstein is a longtime member of the North Flatbush Business Improvement District, which has tried to mediate between businesses and neighbors.

But anything that large, right around the corner from a residential block, won't exactly be easy to live with.

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