Friday, July 09, 2010

The Daily News turns on a dime, spurning LeBron James after months of pulling for him, aching for him

The Daily News, which launched a website as part of a months-long push to attract the superstar, today turned on a dime, editorializing James and the giant mistake: LeBron decides he can't make it here:
Who needed him, anyway?

Last night, with pomp even the queen couldn't muster, the man who's known as the King made the biggest mistake of his young life. Instead of having the courage to man up and build a real legacy in the big city, he's signing on with a ready-made dream team in Miami.

He can have his Crockett and Tubbs. We'll keep our Serpico and Sipowicz.

He can have his chain steakhouses and pizza places, and the Burger King headquarters. We'll take Peter Luger and Grimaldi's and enough others to give you a hundred delicious heart attacks.

He can have his glitzy beaches and palm trees and clubs filled with people who, if they can fake it there, they can fake it anywhere. We'll take Coney Island - freaks, cigarette butts and all. We'll take Central and Prospect and Crotona and Van Cortlandt parks....
And beforehand?

On June 4, the Daily News reported Mayor Bloomberg, city tourism agency kicks off campaign to bring LeBron James to New York:
Bring on Lebron!

The city kicked off its own cheerleading campaign to lure LeBron James to the Big Apple yesterday, intensifying the push launched by the Daily News to snag the NBA's most coveted free agent.

Mayor Bloomberg and the city's tourism arm unveiled a new Internet site, "C'mon LeBron," which invites New Yorkers to submit photos, videos and written pleas to entice James to make the city his home.
On May 15, the newspaper editorialized Make N.Y. James' town: Time to get serious about bringing LeBron here:
When, more than a month ago, we urged the movers and shakers of New York to rally to the cause of bringing LeBron James to New York, we had something more vigorous in mind than Mayor Bloomberg's declaration Friday that he would be happy to take a call from King James.

Something on the order, say, of pursuing the Olympics and the transitory pulse that the Games would have provided - which would be nothing compared with the LeBron Lift, the James Jolt.

There is, scientists now confirm, nothing LeBron cannot do. He can drive the ball to the hoop. He can shoot from beyond the three-point arc. He can pass. He can rebound. He can defend. He can design clothing. He can sell product. He can build a business empire. He can lunch with the likes of Warren Buffett and dine with the likes of Jay-Z. He can act, as is evident from his Oscar-worthy television commercials.

And he can save franchises...
On April 12, the newspaper editorialized Court King James: Time for some teamwork to bring great LeBron to New York:
The NBA playoffs are soon to start without the participation of the Knicks and the Nets, as has been happening year in and year out. Enough with this misery. Herewith a call to action by New Yorkers who count themselves as caring about this city.

To those, like Mayor Bloomberg, who have the power and the money; to those, like Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who have the power and the glory, and to every charmer in between: Let's get LeBron James.

When the city wanted the Olympics, New York spared no effort. This is bigger. The greatest basketball player on the planet becomes a free agent this off-season. He belongs here, and the pursuit cannot be left to the basketball teams alone.

The return of winning, star-powered hoops would be a tonic to the soul and an economic-development boon. Paparazzi would have to buy new cameras. Fans would have to buy new sneakers and jerseys. Sports bars would fill up. Advertising agencies would have to develop new campaigns. Rappers would have to write new songs....

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