Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ex-Net Jason Kidd 'fesses up: AY is "about a real estate play" (not "doing the right thing")

Nets point guard Jason Kidd, at an 8/23/06 press conference event before the Empire State Development Corporation's public hearing on the Atlantic Yards Draft Environmental Impact Statement:
"Getting to know Brooklyn and getting to know the community has proven to me that [Nets principal owner] Bruce [Ratner] is doing the right thing."
Kidd, now with the Dallas Mavericks, had a different message for today's New York Daily News:
"It's just one after another. It (the Nets' downfall) was something that was going to eventually happen. It reminded me of when I was with Dallas the first time (in the early '90s) and (H. Ross Perot Jr.) bought the team and it wasn't about basketball. It was about a real estate play. That is what happened with the Nets."

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