Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Times quotes DePlasco as saying most of AY "is being built over the Long Island Rail Road"

From a whimsical New York Times article to be published Thursday headlined Still No Place in New York for Qaddafi’s Tent:
New York, of course, has several arenas big enough to house a large tent. There is the old Yankee Stadium, which sits unused while the Yankees are heading for the playoffs in their new home next door. There is also a site near Downtown Brooklyn that may one day become the home of basketball’s Nets — Atlantic Yards.

Joe DePlasco, a spokesman for Forest City Ratner, the site’s developer, said Colonel Qaddafi “could do it but he’d probably be hit by a train.”

Most of Atlantic Yards is being built over the Long Island Rail Road, which is a functioning railyard. So it would be rather precarious for a tent.”

(Emphasis added)

Not so. The project footprint is 22 acres. The railyard is 8.5 acres. And Atlantic Yards isn't being built yet.

Don't they know that DePlasco is unreliable?

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