Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hunley-Adossa campaigners said to be rude in front of incumbent James's office

I and others got an email from a Frank Lavergneau, pointing to apparent rude behavior by teenage campaigners for Delia Hunley-Adossa, who's challenging incumbent Letitia (Tish) James in the 35th Council District:

My name is Frank, I'm a Clinton Hill resident, and I'm somewhat interested/involved in local politics. Today, I was enjoying some coffee along Fulton Street, and I didn't believe what I saw. Around 3:00pm, I saw around 10-12 young women carrying Delia Hunnly signs in front of Tish James' campaign office. None of these girls could have been over 16 years of age, and they were a loud, rude, gyrating crew. I didn't see from which direction they arrived, but they were walking back and forth maybe 2 blocks of Fulton (that included Tish's campaign office), so I couldn't imagine they were there for any other reason but to heckle Tish's campaign people.

It seems really disrespectful, unprofessional, and a bit sad that Delia has to resort to sending children to taunt her opponent [and they did taunt, I overheard them saying, "You should work for Dee! She pays gooood!" to the office, who as far as I could tell ignored the entire event]. Furthermore, this is really disrespectful to the neighbors and businesses to send these loud children into our community for this foolishness. Delia should be thoroughly embarrassed, because I am embarrassed for her. I am not a hard "Tish supporter", but this has made the choice for me. I have attached photos I took on my cell phone as proof, and I am sending this email to all the media I could find online or had already, because this kind of behavior needs to be exposed.

More here on Room 8, which means it was posted by someone with some political/media savvy, likely not the original source.

I have a question in to Hunley-Adossa's campaign.


  1. Norman and is amazing how you guys are championing for Letitia James campaign, and she has been known to have her "underground" staff, who maliciously goes out to slander Hunley-Adossa's name. I've seen with my own eyes a guy named Qasar (and if you dont know who I am referring, ask Tish, she knows him very well) go out and harass members of Delia's team, along with tearing down Adossa's posters in countless local business and when caught by business owners themselves, his response was "This is my job, and this is what I was told to do."

    Whats wrong with this photo again? Fact: Yes, these are woman in motion supporting Delia Hunley-Adossa in their district regardless to whether it was in front of Letitia's office or not. I see people out campaigning for a candidate who deserves to be in office...People who have the freedom to campaign in the district they are ready for a change in. People who are sick of Tish's nonsense and not caring for the people.

    By the way "Frank" and Norman since you were so concerned with exposing Adossa, did you ask these girls their age, when you were playing paparazzi? Did you ask them if they are apart of the community? I'm sure you didnt, so dont assume because you know what they say.

    Just a tidbit, I would be very careful in plastering this pic if you assume they are under age 16 and they did not consent to release and publish...Now you are treading in safety and privacy issues...And if they did consent it should be known. Not a good look on you Norm.

    I'm for Hunley-Adossa all the way!

  2. Yanaris--it's fine for you to respond, but the campaign has not responded.

    No one is identifiable from this picture.

  3. The point Norman is that the letter you are posting written by "Frank" is linking a group of woman identified by their age.

    This is not even worth it and as I said in my previous comment, they are a group of woman campaigning in their district. My opinion is that the campaign should not comment at all...There is no law against campaigning. You should know that Norm!

  4. Yanaris, you are clearly full of it. The picture shows no face, and who is going to ask people to sign a "waver" before taking picture when they are on public street, and should not be doing this activity there anyway. That is unrealistic expectation.

    What does "not a good look" mean. He is journalist and reporter. This is news. Perhaps you need to be reacquainted with what titles mean.

    Yanaris, f you have "proof" of bad behavior, perhaps you should present it. Otherwise, no one will believe you.

  5. Okay "Marguerite"...Your just as full of it as need to carefully read my initial statements, before you reply.

    It doesn't matter if you believe me or not, I can care less, the fact is, is that if I know something as a constituent, I am going to say it...First Amendment, get it?

    Secondly, how can you even say "...when they are on public street, and should not be doing this activity there anyway"...There are no laws against campaigning in public areas. Again Marguerite, did you not read my initial statement? Obviously not. Or better yet, go to Board of Elections and figure out the rules for yourself. Its all records that we residents have access to.

    Thirdly, the fact of the matter is not that the picture is out, because again the photo is showing these people doing nothing wrong, but its the accusations that accompany the photo in the letter written supposedly by "Frank", with the females being 16 yrs. old. It doesnt matter if your showing a face or not, but YES, you are treading in safety and privacy issues. So instead of talking just for the sake of talking, DO YOUR RESEARCH MARGUERITE!

    And I'm not sure if you would call Norm a journalist, but there is a difference from being informative and biased...and if I see something or read something that is worth rebutting, I AM GOING TO DO JUST THAT! Get it together need to come correct.