Friday, December 04, 2009

Brooklynites say Nets in Brooklyn must win; guess who are the two most positive

The New York Daily News today, in an article headlined Brooklyn basketball fans warn New Jersey Nets owner Bruce Ratner not to bring losing team to borough, queries a not-so-random selection of basketball fans, several of whom say they don't want a losing Nets team coming to Brooklyn.

But a team rep is positive, as are a couple of fans:
Other would-be Brooklyn Nets fans were disappointed by the record-breaking loss but held out hope the fortunes of the team will turn around.

Kelly Burwell, 40, of Crown Heights, said the losing streak was "heartbreaking," but added, "It's all going to change ...Everyone will want to play for the Brooklyn Nets."

That's what the Nets are banking on, too. "We're going to have an exciting and winning team in Brooklyn," said spokesman Barry Baum, adding the team would look to pick up key free agents over the summer and benefit from several first-round draft picks in the next few years.

"We'll probably get LeBron James, we'll probably get all the good players," said Greg (Jocko) Jackson, a former Knick and now director of the Brownsville Recreation Center.

"When (the team) gets to Brooklyn it's going to be 18 and 0."
Neither of those two seeming civilians are new to the Atlantic Yards dispute.

Burwell was quoted in an October 2006 New York Times article as one of those welcoming the team. And Jackson was quoted in a May 2006 Daily News ITeam blog as one of those receiving program support from the Nets.

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