Saturday, November 24, 2007

A "few million square feet of commercial space"? Not quite

From today´s Times article on the arena setbacks:
Atlantic Yards is slated to include more than 6,000 apartments and a few million square feet of commercial space...

Actually, no. At this point, it would be 336,000 square feet in the residential mixed-use variation, which is the variation currently under discussion.

There is a commercial mixed-use variation with much more office space, but if Forest City Ratner were taking it seriously at this point, they´d be talking about all the office jobs planned. And note that, with that variation, there would not be more than 6000 apartments.

From Chapter 1, Project Description, of the Final Environmental Impact Statement of the Empire State Development:
Two variations of the project program are under consideration to allow for flexibility in the program of three of the proposed project’s 17 buildings: (1) a residential mixed-use variation containing approximately 336,000 gross square feet (gsf) of commercial office space, 165,000 gsf of hotel use (approximately 180 rooms), 247,000 gsf of retail space, and up to 6.4 million gsf of residential use (approximately 6,430 residential units); and (2) a commercial mixed-use variation, which would permit more commercial office use in three buildings closest to Downtown Brooklyn and would contain approximately 1.6 million gsf of commercial office space, 247,000 gsf of retail space, and up to approximately 5.3 million gsf of residential use (approximately 5,325 units).

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