Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New ESDC spokesman says message is "New York is open for business" and promotes a "dynamic job creation strategy"

The mission of Empire State Development, as noted last week, "is to promote business investment and growth that leads to job creation and prosperous communities across New York State."

So it makes sense that new VP of public affairs Austin Shafran, who comes from representing Senate Democrats and replaces Warner Johnston, would say in a statement (according to the Times-Union):
“I am honored to join the ESD team to get the message out that New York is open for business,” said ESD Vice President of Public Affairs, Austin Shafran. “It’s a privilege to work with one of New York’s premier business experts, ESD President & CEO Kenneth Adams, to help promote and implement Governor Cuomo’s dynamic job creation strategy to recharge our economy.”
We look forward to learning how Atlantic Yards fits into that job creation strategy.

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