Sunday, July 03, 2011

Another correction request sent to the New York Times: is the arena in "downtown Brooklyn" or near it?

In the 6/30/11 article headlined (online) In Alliance, Nets Arena to Offer Arts, the Times reported: Now Atlantic Yards, the development that will bring the New Jersey Nets to downtown Brooklyn, will also be a cultural center.

However, the Times has previously identified the location of Atlantic Yards as being in Prospect Heights. As noted in a 4/27/06 correction:
Because of an editing error, an article in The Arts on Tuesday about Frank Gehry's design for the first phase of the Grand Avenue development project in Los Angeles misstated the location of the proposed Atlantic Yards project that Mr. Gehry is designing in Brooklyn. (The error also appeared in sports articles on Feb. 9 and April 11, in the City section on Jan. 15 and in several articles in 2003, 2004 and 2005.) It is on rail yards and other land in Prospect Heights and on a block in Park Slope; it is not in Downtown Brooklyn, although it is near that neighborhood.

This "downtown Brooklyn" error has occurred several times since then, though most references in the Times have been accurate.

Here is my quick survey of articles requiring corrections.

A 1/14/07 Sports article (SPOTLIGHT, NBA: With Brooklyn on Horizon, Nets' Brain Trust Considers All Options) located the arena in "downtown Brooklyn."

A 6/26/10 Sports article (Nets' Thorn Is Said to be Planning to Step Down) located the arena in "downtown Brooklyn."

A 6/30/10 Sports article (Nets and Knicks Ready for a Pilgrimage to Ohio) located the arena in "downtown Brooklyn."

A 9/25/10 Sports article (Nets Discuss 4-Team Deal to Acquire Carmelo Anthony) located the arena in "downtown Brooklyn."

A 1/20/11 Sports article (An Evening of Russian Candor) located the arena in "downtown Brooklyn."

The caption (left, click to enlarge) for a 1/26/11 Sports article (New Arena for the Nets is Sprouting in Brooklyn) stated "downtown Brooklyn," though the article itself referred to "Prospect Heights."

A 6/24/11 City Room article (In Brooklyn, the Rats Move Out Before the Nets Move In) located the project in "Downtown Brooklyn."

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